Our Creative Projects

Experimental Exhibition


11 days event with 15 thousand visitors. Bear Brand Bisa Banget campaign objective to generate more occasions of usage by the people. for the people. In collaboration with HALUU World to create an Instagram-able interactive area.

Head and Shoulders #SayItProud

#SayItProud is a campaign from Head & Shoulders that invite people to saying Head & Shoulders with pride. Indonesia which has so many dialects and languages, we are proud of our origin and proud of the way we are. Because no matter how you say it, there’s only one shampoo, Head & Shoulders.


#OVOmatis is a campaign from OVO to introduce their new “cash-to-cashless” feature that allows people who pay their Grab with cash but also get all the benefits as if they pay with OVO, directly at the trip.

Grab #BahagiaItuDekat

#BahagiaItuDekat is a love campaign from Grab, a foreign brand, to steal Indonesians' hearts by showing the meaning of "Bahagia" ​(happiness)​ for Indonesians.


To fight a monster you must train in hell.


Don’t let the shipping fee sets us apart.
Strategic Narrative Building

Catalyst Talks

A platform for inspirational leaders to share their views, ideas, and narratives to future generations of entrepreneurs, founders, and professionals.

IMPLORA #ApprovedByMe

Feeling beautiful is the right of every woman. It does not depend on others' approval. What matters most is that our beauty is #ApprovedByMe

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