Indonesia’s Independence Day #KreativitasMemerdekakanIndonesia

Fabulous Jazz Christmas United

Celebrating Christmas together with solidarity and in a spirit of unity and love.


As a response to COVID-19, YCAB together with FAB launched LightUp Indonesia, a social movement to provide donated electricity to urban poor households who are 900VA customers of PLN from April to August 2020.

Satria Dewa Gatotkaca

FAB is proud to be an Executive Producer of Satria Dewa, Indonesia’s first superhero universe. 8 heroes in movies, e-sport, comic, animation, merchandize, etc. GATOTKACA will be the first superhero to be unveiled.

The Jazz Gate

Presenting 11 Nations performing from home to support our programs & campaign, and to the lndonesian jazz musicians who got affected by this pandemic covid-19.

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