Behind the chicken nugget commercial everyone's talking about.

Jakarta, 8 May 2023 - Leading FMCG brand Kanzler taps Jakarta based AdsON Asia (part of FAB Indonesia) to lead ideation and conceptualization of their latest commercial for their new line of crispy chicken nuggets. The ad has quickly become a fan favorite, with viewers gushing over the Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (What’s Up with Love) star’s very rare appearance as he cooks up a storm in the kitchen. The campaign's out-of-home assets, which can be seen throughout the city of Jakarta, have also captured the attention of passersby, further boosting the brand's exposure and buzz online.

"We are thrilled to see such a positive response for the Kanzler commercial with Nicholas," said AdsON Asia's Creative Business Director, Angel Roberty. The ad showcases the brand’s new line of “extra-meaty and extra-juicy” chicken nuggets layered with signature crispy bubble crumbs, highlighting exceptional food shots and warm expressions of Saputra. Its sprawling out-of-home assets, on billboards and public transportations in some of the busiest spots in the city, features a smiling Saputra with the text “Hati-hati di jalan” (translated as “be careful on the way”) or “Mau kemana?” (translated as “where are you going?”) -  a rare feat for the actor, who is known for his cool and mysterious demeanor.

"Commonly [the] brand ambassadors for such products are professional chefs, or moms with their children, and so when we got this account we wanted to go out-of-the-box, [to] create a fan-girling effect which is unheard of for FMCG commercials,” Roberty recalls, when proposing the elusive heartthrob as their top choice to the brand’s team. “We thought, what better way to do just that than to have one of the most recognizable, [and] eligible bachelors in the country to do it, and launch it just ahead of the holy fasting month.”

Since its launch, social media has been flooded with tweets and Instagram posts of the campaign, reaching 120,000+ views on Kanzler’s official YouTube account alone. One tweet read, “The only YouTube ad I won’t skip is the Nicholas Saputra with Kanzler ad..”, another saying, “Everytime I see the Kanzler nugget all I can think about is Nicholas Saputra”. Not to mention the roster of celebrities, including ex female co-stars Titi Kamal, Sissy Prescillia, and Wulan Guritno, who’ve since started posting the product online in support of Saputra. 

Click here to see the full ad.

Advertising Agency: AdsON Asia x What If Asia
Creative Business Director : Angel Roberty
Producer : Melly Damayanti
Audio & Visual Head : Yohoki Ovick
Senior Art Director : Yohoki Ovick
Copywriter : Pradhaneswara Vikramandaru
Account Team : Rizkita Andarini, Indah Alya
Production House : Kemistri Film
Executive Production : Rini Susanti
Film Director : King Voon
Photographer : Adhitya Himawan

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