Welcome to #TMYK (The More You Know), an online segment discussing the learning and insights within the FAB platform. In this episode, FAB's Managing Director shares her revelations from an enlightening journey to Dharamshala, India.

Jakarta, 19 June 2023 - Earlier this month, our very own Lia Sunarjo, Managing Director of FAB, along with her Asia Society peers, got the auspicious opportunity to of a private audience with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. She shares with us some memorable moments and key takeaways from the unforgettable session. 

Q: What were some memorable moments? 

L: It felt like a surreal moment when I found myself speaking directly to His Holiness, sharing something deeply meaningful that my dear friend back home had entrusted me with. 

“In a beautiful gesture of spiritual connection, he blessed my scarf and gently placed it over my neck, embracing me with a profound sense of warmth and compassion.”

“As our meeting commenced, I found myself captivated by the Dalai Lama’s presence and intellect.”

Q: What resonated with you the most? 

L: Entering this journey with no expectations, I was very humbled and moved by the session with His Holiness. The experience not only served as a reminder about the importance of finding our inner peace, but also on how sometimes the most valuable experiences come when we surrender our preconceived notions and allow the wisdom of the moment to unfold.

Q: What key takeaways can you share from this session? 

L: Humility, selflessness, and inner peace. What’s yours will be yours, trust the process and let the path unfold with the grand design.

Quote of the Day: 
“Inner peace is what’s most important in order to have a healthy and happy life.” 
- His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

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