Co-Founder and Business Director of The Bride Dept, Part of Y Program by FAB Indonesia, talks about #HerStory.

Jakarta, 14 July 2023 - Welcome back to #HerStory, an online segment featuring the inspiring and groundbreaking women of FAB. Introducing Friska Ruslim, Co-Founder and Business Director of The Bride Dept - part of our Y Program

Started more than 9 years ago, today The Bride Dept stands as part of the Top 3 largest wedding media platforms in the country. In this installment, Friska shares with us the latest products and services from the platform, as well as tips for young creativepreneurs

Q1: 3 words to describe The Bride Dept. 
Friska: Wedding. Platform. Content.

Q2: What are some products or services The Bride Dept offers for brides-to-be and married couples? 
Friska: We have loads! At The Bride Dept, we offer products and services for brides-to-be and wedding vendors. 

Our best-selling product is the wedding planner, which has sold over ten thousand copies, a 'must-read' for brides-to-be. It's a journal that can help brides-to-be prepare for their wedding. We also collaborated with a marriage counselor in creating two books, “Untuk Apa Menikah” (translated to ‘Why [Should We] Get Married’) and “Untuk Apa Bertahan” (translated to ‘Why [Should We] Stay’). 

In addition, we also offer customized events for wedding vendors, as well as beauty and health brands. [Lastly,] we also have a platform in the form of a website, where you can find any content about women, brides-to-be, and married couples. 

Q3: What are some must-know wedding trends this year? 
Friska: That’s a very good question, because earlier this year we just launched 

"Wedding Trends 2023". What are the wedding trends in 2023? At The Bride Dept, we have three big themes; Romantic White, Bold Glamour, and Classic Traditional. If I explain it here, it’ll be endless. [so] go ahead and click the link on The Bride Dept's Instagram bio. There, you can find everything, including the most suitable color choices for you. 

Q4: What is your proudest achievement or moment? 
Friska: My proudest achievements ya. Personally, I divide this into several things. Regarding work, [my] proudest achievement is bringing up The Bride Dept to the Top 3 wedding platforms in the Indonesian wedding industry. We also successfully set the trend in helping brides-to-be prepare their weddings. As for personal achievement, of course, [it is] my family. Because I too, am a wife, and a mother. 

Q5: As a working mom, how do you manage your time? 
Friska: Managing time as a working mom, I have to say, is not easy. I want to thank my husband who is very supportive. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his support, along with my mom, dad, and parent-in-laws. Regarding how to manage the time? Of course, I get help from my family and helpers at home. I have to thank them, without whom I would not be able to do as many things [as I do]. 

Q6: 3 words to describe your relationship with your family?
Friska: Love, [because] without love, there would be no [such thing as] family. Teamwork. Compromising. 

Q7: What advice would you give other young creativepreneurs that are just starting out? 
Friska: I've always loved the Japanese saying, “If you fall seven times, you have to get up eight.” Which means when you fall, you [also] have to have the courage to get back up. That's what I always hold on to, and also what I would like to share with my fellow young creativepreneurs [out there]; to not be afraid to fall. And if you fall, don't be afraid to get back up.

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