Jakarta, 5 July 2023 - Leading internet service provider First Media, has partnered with Jakarta-based creative lab Basement (part of FAB Indonesia’s Y Program) to launch its latest package, "Lebih Kencang, Lebih Bebas" (translated as “Faster and Freer”). With a delectable twist, the tantalizing campaign showcases an enjoyable and satisfying survey experience, allowing users to indulge in their favorite activities with ease and freedom.

By replacing conventional concepts with the enticing visuals of cakes and desserts, the brand set out to capture the attention and imagination of the target audience, injecting a sense of excitement and enjoyment into the brand experience. Customer feedback indicated a surge in satisfaction levels, with an astounding increase in customer retention after the campaign launch. Additionally, First Media witnessed a rise in new customer acquisitions, demonstrating the campaign's ability to attract and engage a wider audience.

Dinar Kuncoro, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Basement, explains that the primary objective of the campaign was “as a way to convey the exceptional quality of First Media's internet packages”. To achieve this, the agency devised a concept centered around indulgence, integrating vibrant visuals and enjoyable moments into the campaign. 

The ad is set on a living space starred by an array of “loyal customers” across different demographics of the brand. As they find their way to the kitchen counter, such characters start decorating their assigned cakes in response to a running questionnaire on the tv screen. Online, the 15-second version of the ad has reached over 430k+ views.

"We wanted to break through the clutter and offer a unique perspective," says Arsyad, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Basement. “The client was thrilled with the new brand image, and the outpouring of positive feedback they received from their consumers was evident in the form of increased sales and customer loyalty,” he continued.

Part of FAB Indonesia’s Y Program, a program dedicated to empower and nurture young creativepreneurs under 30 in Indonesia, the agency has also worked with several clients including renowned technology smartwatch brand Garmin, and skincare brand Nusantics Skin Biome Beauty among others. Bringing a wealth of experience handling a multitude of brands during their time in previous posts, both leaders vow to offer tech-infused creative solutions, bringing data into human narration.

Click here to see the full ad.

Learn more about Basement: https://www.instagram.com/basementid/

Creative Agency: Basement
CEO/CCO: Arsyad, Dinar Wahyu Kuncoro
Strategic Planner: Indy Wibowo
Senior Art Director: Eric Flavio Ganjaya
Copywriter: Deani Apriani, Ilona Inezita
Account Team: Dwita Melati, Intan Mariani
Production House: LiQuid Production
Executive Producer: Daniel Susanto
Film Director: Peggy Misnan

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